Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Things Hoped For

Things Hoped For, by Andrew Clements
This book is about 17-year-old Gwendolyn (Gwen or Gwennie) who lives in New York City with her grandfather. One day her grandfather disappears leaving only a phone message telling Gwen not to worry about him. Gwen continues her life as normal as possible while trying to practice for her violin auditions.
          Then, she meets Robert “Bobby” in the coffee store (from the first book, Things Not Seen) Robert is in town also preparing for trumpet auditions. Gwen invites Robert to stay in her empty house with her to help get him out of the hotel he was staying in.
While shopping in the Niketown Store in New York City, Gwen and Robert spot a faint shadow apparently coming from an invisible person. Robert then tells her that two years ago he turned invisible. In the following days Robert discovers Gwen's grandfather dead in the freezer.
To find out what happens… you must read this book!
          I love this book a lot! It stands in 1st place on my favorite book list. I don’t know what the 1st book is about; I asked Miss Stacia for the 1st book and she said that at the end of the month she will order it for the library. I hope the 1st book is as good as the 2nd book!
6th Grader


  1. Do you have Frindle or Things That Are (by Andrew Clements) in the library?

  2. Jenny - we do not have either of those (yet!)... I've put them on our list to order at the end of the month. :) ...Come into the library tomorrow and we can see if the elementary library has them and we can borrow from there.

  3. This is a great recommendation for Things Hoped For. I haven't read it yet, but Jenny has really peaked my interest! I have read Things Not Seen and I loved that book.

  4. Mom - I have not read any of these! I really like Andrew Clements as an author though... so they are on my reading list. :) -Stacia

  5. I just borrowed this book today, and I think it's quite interesting. At first I didn't know that this book was on the blog yesterday! o.o

  6. Thanks Ms. Beth! I really enjoy and relax when I read that book! I love it!