Monday, September 12, 2011

Miss Stacia's Latest Reads

I have been enjoying the books that I've been reading lately! As I try to get to know the AIS library collection, I come across great books... some I have heard of before and been wanting to read and others are new to me...

I really enjoyed this biography about Terry Fox. Parts of his story made me tear up! I have heard that AIS does a run in memory of Terry Fox each year and I am looking forward to participating in this.

Gordon Korman has written A LOT of books... but the first I heard of this particular book was over the summer, reading about great books for the middle school level. I enjoyed this story a lot and have already passed it on to an interested student who saw me reading it in the hall during a break last week.

I love tea but I did not love this book. I think it is ok to write about a book that was not necessarily a favorite. I appreciated parts of Greg Mortinson's story but overall, I did not like the writing and parts of the story seemed to carry on too long.

Have you read this book? Did you enjoy it?

Have you researched into the controversy surrounding this story at all? If interested... CLICK HERE for the Wikipedia article about this book and Section 4 is about the criticism / controversy (I find it interesting).

This is a book that I have heard about many times but am just starting to read now. I am only at the 3rd chapter but already enjoying it immensely! I think Shannon Hale is a wonderful author.

A student introduced me to this funny book series today! I am currently reading the 3rd one (picture above) and enjoying it... Amos Lee is a very funny boy.  :)  If you are a fan of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books, I think you will enjoy these books as well.

Chris VanAllsburg is one of my all-time favorite author of picture books! Some of his picture books are not meant for children at all - but older readers. 

Two of his most well-known books (in my opinion) are, The Polar Express, and, Jumaji - both of which have been made into movies! My favorite book of his is, The Mysteries of Harris Burdick... it is fantastic.

I have never read, The Sweetest Fig, but found it in our collection of picture books today. I am excited to read it and learn about another Chris VanAllsburg book.

Franny K. Stein books are GREAT! I have not read this one yet but plan to get to it sometime this week. These books were incredibly popular at the school I worked at in Denver, Colorado (U.S.) - with boys and girls alike. This is the only Franny K. Stein book we have at AIS... so let me know if you like it and I can work on ordering more.  :)

Feel free to stop by the library, see me, and have your picture taken with the book(s) you are currently reading! I love learning about new books that I might enjoy... and I bet others will too.  :)

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