Friday, March 8, 2013

Built of Books by Frank Halmans

Click the link above to be taken to a wonderful article about Frank Halmans, a Dutch artist, who has carved windows and doors into stacks of vintage books to create buildings in a creative way.

It's a Book. - video trailer

This is the book trailer for one of my favorite books that has come out in the past few years... very funny and very true!

The title of the book is, It's a Book.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Home into Public Library

A wonderful BBC article, worth reading! (Click the link below...)

I really enjoyed the following quote from the end of the article:
"A book should be used and reused. It has life, it has a message."

reading with 1st grade

As a special part of Book Week, Mr. Vince's 7th and 8th grade ESL students went to the elementary campus to read with the two 1st grade classes! We all had a lot of fun reading Robert Munsch books...

More photos from this trip can be seen on the Where We've Been Reading photo board outside the entrance to the library.

Wonderful Book Week!

Thank you to all students and teachers for a wonderful Book Week!

The beautiful bookmarks, which were designed following our theme: Anywhere, Anytime, Any BOOK, are now displayed in the stairwell between the ground floor and first floor... and students can choose one of the winning entries when they check out a book from the library.

Where We've Been Reading -- photo board at the beginning of the week...

Where We've Been Reading -- photo board at the end of Book Week!

I hope all of Ms. Michelle's students enjoyed their 
Book Week homework as much as I would have!

And I LOVE what Ms. Michelle and her students did with her classroom's board!
Everyone posted what they were reading for Book Week    :D
...That is one good looking whiteboard!

The last day of our Book Week we also had a Grace's Cookie sale! Mmmmm.
I also sported my I <3 Books shirt that a friend recently sent me... 
...with my special bookshelf necklace -- a gift from my brother.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

caught ya reading!

I had to go back to the library and grab my camera to capture this moment... I loved walking into the Canteen last week and seeing a student SO into his book that he kept reading while eating! I love it Andy!

Andy didn't even notice me taking photos... 
but his friends then let him know and we surprised him.

Congratulations - AIS Soccer Teams!

Congratulations to both the boys' and girls' soccer teams at the AIS Middle School!!

They both had a really great season.

I was happy to be able to attend the last game at the girls' tournament last Thursday held at BIS.

And shout-outs to Kelly Vu and Davina for each making a GOAL for their final game win!