Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Wonderful Book Week!

Thank you to all students and teachers for a wonderful Book Week!

The beautiful bookmarks, which were designed following our theme: Anywhere, Anytime, Any BOOK, are now displayed in the stairwell between the ground floor and first floor... and students can choose one of the winning entries when they check out a book from the library.

Where We've Been Reading -- photo board at the beginning of the week...

Where We've Been Reading -- photo board at the end of Book Week!

I hope all of Ms. Michelle's students enjoyed their 
Book Week homework as much as I would have!

And I LOVE what Ms. Michelle and her students did with her classroom's board!
Everyone posted what they were reading for Book Week    :D
...That is one good looking whiteboard!

The last day of our Book Week we also had a Grace's Cookie sale! Mmmmm.
I also sported my I <3 Books shirt that a friend recently sent me... 
...with my special bookshelf necklace -- a gift from my brother.

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