Sunday, December 18, 2011

Cafe reading

I enjoyed reading my book at a cafe in my neighborhood today! My brother Lenny is with me (visiting from the United States!) and he loves having a cafe sua da.   :)

Thursday, December 15, 2011

AIS Winter Dance

Last night's Winter Dance at the middle school was a ton of fun!

Bill was great as our "security guard" at the door before the dance began.

Tommy - thanks for making the delicious cupcakes!
Well done, my friend, well done.  :)

Ms. Elizabeth and I are ready for the dance!

Oscar was dashing in his suit with bow tie... and won best dressed!

Ms. Elizabeth and Ms. Sarah looked great!
Thank you to them both --and Student Council!-- for their hard work on setting up a great dance.

Ms. Stacia and Wattle!

The Christmas fairies give the Winter Dance two thumbs up!

Some past middle school students stopped by the dance to give Ms. B. this awesome chess hat for her upcoming birthday! (I think now we'll have to plan a Hat Day!)

Ms. Donna's Christmas dress was perfect for the event!

...and let the dancing begin!

Mr. Tyner and Mr. Arunsky know how to dance!  :P

A HUGE thank you to the DJ's - Tony and Hao... GREAT job fellas!

Louis was a dancing machine!

Keiny with "Mr. Cupcake"! hahaha

Ms. Patrice got into it with her choir students!

Thanks so much for voting me Best Dressed! 
...Also Thuy and Oscar for Best Dressed 
...and Khoi for Best Dancer!

All stocked up

Jenny is all stocked up on books for the holiday break!

...Have you stopped into the library to checkout books for the break? 
You are allowed an extra book over the holiday!

Christmas Book Tree

Happy holidays!

Have you stopped by the library lately to see our amazing Christmas Book Tree?!

Thanks for your help Tevez! 

Enjoy the Winter Break and we'll see you next year!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Merry Christmas! ...from Miss Sarah's class :)

Miss Sarah's ESL class sings a few holiday songs to share with our pen pals in Miss Hattie's class in Denver, Colorado... Happy Holidays everyone! Have a great Winter Break.   :)


Friday, December 2, 2011

Christmas-themed Casual Day

For the Christmas-themed Casual Day today, Miss Sarah and I wore our tutus... (naturally!).

One of her afternoon classes came down to the library for Readers' Workshop and a reading of, Strega Nona, for their folktale / fairy tale unit.

And Nhung took some great photos of study hall kids playing Bananagrams in the library...

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Cu Chi Wildlife Rescue Station

I went on the 8th graders' field trip to the Cu Chi Wildlife Rescue Station yesterday. What a fabulous day trip!

Below is an introductory paragraph about the rescue station from the website (link above):

"The Cu Chi Wildlife Rescue Station rescues animals that are confiscated from the illegal animal trade in Ho Chi Minh City or other surrounding provinces. This is the fist multi-species rescue station in the South of Vietnam that can take care of many endangered wild species. After the animals have recovered and have been rehabilitated, they are returned back to the wild."

All students are able to visit free of charge... they want to encourage visitors and raise public awareness about protecting Vietnam's wildlife - I think that's great!

Bus #4 was the place to be!  :P

Arriving at the rescue center.

Ms. Elizabeth and I with some of the girls.  :)

Giant lizard.

This big guy was awesome.

This is Annie. She's pretty cute! She stayed at the front of her cage checking out all of us the entire time we were standing there... and then began swinging around her cage and playing.

Ngoc is the baby monkey! She basically stole all of our hearts... 

Ms. Elizabeth cooing to baby Ngoc.  :)

A snake that had apparently JUST shed its skin!

The otters were hilarious. I never knew they made so much NOISE! ...Like a shrieking noise.

The baby otters were in another section and all went for a swim...

Double hornbills!

Many students bought WAR bracelets... "Wildlife At Risk"

AIS 8th grade students!

Ms. Elizabeth and her COOL hat!

Before heading back to school we went to a beautiful restaurant for lunch...

Love this one of Annie and Tina  :)

Everyone at lunch

Beautiful lotus.  :)

And then we got on the bus to head back to school!