Thursday, December 15, 2011

AIS Winter Dance

Last night's Winter Dance at the middle school was a ton of fun!

Bill was great as our "security guard" at the door before the dance began.

Tommy - thanks for making the delicious cupcakes!
Well done, my friend, well done.  :)

Ms. Elizabeth and I are ready for the dance!

Oscar was dashing in his suit with bow tie... and won best dressed!

Ms. Elizabeth and Ms. Sarah looked great!
Thank you to them both --and Student Council!-- for their hard work on setting up a great dance.

Ms. Stacia and Wattle!

The Christmas fairies give the Winter Dance two thumbs up!

Some past middle school students stopped by the dance to give Ms. B. this awesome chess hat for her upcoming birthday! (I think now we'll have to plan a Hat Day!)

Ms. Donna's Christmas dress was perfect for the event!

...and let the dancing begin!

Mr. Tyner and Mr. Arunsky know how to dance!  :P

A HUGE thank you to the DJ's - Tony and Hao... GREAT job fellas!

Louis was a dancing machine!

Keiny with "Mr. Cupcake"! hahaha

Ms. Patrice got into it with her choir students!

Thanks so much for voting me Best Dressed! 
...Also Thuy and Oscar for Best Dressed 
...and Khoi for Best Dancer!

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