Tuesday, September 20, 2011

How I Survived Middle School

How I Survived Middle School:
Madame President
By, Nanyc E. Kurlik

Did you like my first recommendation? Did you read, Things Hoped For? If you liked the book and my recommendation, of course, this time you are going to like my new recommendation too. 
Jenny never thought she was going to be the leader of her school but she also never thought that her BFF, Addie, would insult her.

When Jenny’s friends hear that Addie is running for 6th grade class president, they convince Jenny to run against Addie. Jenny must decide to win because the POPS (Populars) will run the whole school (and of course the Pops will make the people in the school change).

Guess what happens next............ I won’t tell you because I want you to find it out by yourself.

I really like the book, How I Survived Middle School: Madame President. The library has a series of these books. Thanks to my mom for bringing me to a bookstore near my house and I found out about this book.
Jenny T.,
6th grader

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