Sunday, September 11, 2011

Airhead - recommended read

"Airhead" is my favorite book. This book is about a model that is very famous and beautiful. The thing is, her sister is an ugly girl. The day she died because of the accident, her sister trades the brain to her body.  The sister controls her body. This is a fiction story. The author of the story is Meg Cabot. Meg Cabot has written a lot of book series, like Princess Diary, Air Head, Grave Doubt, and more.

Living in someone else’s life is very difficult. Emmerson has to face with the other jealous models and the robot paparazzi. They keep making her head ache, and she realizes that living in the spotlight is like staying in hell. She has to learn how to walk like a model. One time, when she was performing on the stage, she fell because the high heels were so high. She felt very embarrassed when other models laughed at her. She ran and ran away until she went back to her house. Her leg was bleeding.

She was not always unlucky with things. She found her own love. At first, she loved the hot, rich boy. He was very snooty and like a girl. She was crying a lot. She always shouted at herself about why she loved this guy. Until one day, a guy came to her and asked if she would want to be his girlfriend. He was very nice and he took care of her. He was a very romantic boy. I feel like she became a lucky girl when she met this guy.

This story is a very interesting book. Everyone should read it! I can’t summarize all of the story because it is so long. I want to say thank you to An, my friend. She is the one who introduced this book to me and let me borrow it to read.

AIS 6th grader

[Note from Miss Stacia - the AIS middle school library does not have this book... yet. I will put this one on my list of books to order. For now, we have many other books by Meg Cabot if this recommendation peaks your interest!]

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