Sunday, September 18, 2011

Cirque du Freak

Cirque Du Freak might be not the most well-known series to readers but it can still be an amazing book to read. Details were twisted as the story goes deeper with astounding things that would go on as you explore what comes next. Either both scary and enchanted parts will tick your curiousness! You’ll not be leaving your seat for a long time once you start reading! You’ll soon find yourself begging for more after you finish with the first book in the series!

Here’s a sneak-peek:

2 boys meet by destiny: Darren and Steve. Their friend, Alan Morris, one day had brought a flyer. Darren and Steve did not know what it was going to change their lives into, FOR THE WORST.

P.S. Don’t judge the book by the movie! They have a lot of differences. You’ll see when you start reading. 

Nghi - AIS 6th grader

[Disclaimer from Miss Stacia: Darren Shan's series, Cirque du Freak, is meant for an older audience of readers. Parts of the storyline are very scary and violent... they are good books and the writing is well-done but consider this a heads-up to the level of these scary stories.]


  1. This book is really gorgeous. I had read the 7th book and waiting for the 8th book of the series to be returned to read it! You can come over and check my blog. There are loads of posts about the Cirque Du Freak. :D

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