Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Book recommendation from An

The Report Card:

Nora Rose Rowley was an intelligent fifth grader, but she didn’t want anyone to know the she was not an ordinary kid. She hid her secret because she knew that scores were very important to students. And that was the reason why she decided to get all Ds, except for one C, on her report card. It only caused more problems to happen, however, because the teachers started to pay more attention to help her.
One time, while the students were having lunch, Nora heard Merton, the smartest student, make fun at Stephen, Nora’s best friend. She was very angry and accidentally showed her intelligence. Her secret was out. When her secret was exposed, Nora did a good job at school, which made the other kids think that they were not really smart at all. So Nora and Stephen created a plan which would persuade every student not to care about their grades.
They were in trouble of course because it made all the students in fifth grade, except for two, get all zeros. And that was why the superintendent and the principal decided that Nora and Stephen should be suspended from school for two weeks.
To find out what happens to Nora and Stephen, you will have to read this book!
I really like this book and I recommend you guys to read it.  The Report Card by Andrew Clements is a book that talks about how students were too obsessed about their grades and how Nora and Stephen helped them not to be. The author described the setting and actions with many descriptions and onomatopoeias. He also used a lot of good dialogues too. This kind of book, or writing, will help you a lot while writing. As people always say, “If you want to write good writings, you have to read good writings.”

 Book recommendation written by:
An, AIS 6th grader

[Note from Miss Stacia: Andrew Clements is a WONDERFUL author! One of my favorites... I am ordering more of his books, which will hopefully be here in December or January.]   :)

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