Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tony and Tom - Guest Speakers :)

Yesterday afternoon, 7th graders -- Tom and Tony -- went with Miss Stacia to the elementary school. The two boys were special guest speakers to Miss Saleshni's 5th-grade class. They prepared a great presentation to introduce their upcoming unit on electricity.

Tom and Tony created a wonderful PowerPoint presentation with interesting and important facts and even a fun review game at the end! The 5th graders were very engaged and excited about the information. Tom then showed the class about his robots and how these machines use electricity and how he creates circuits. Some of the students even got to create their own!

Creating static electricity with balloons... and hair!

Beginning the crossword review game!

Then Tom began showing the class the robots and machines he makes. He passed various pieces around and the class learned about circuits and motors... and more!

Thank you to Miss Saleshni and her class for having us come visit her classroom! We had a lot of fun and both Tom and Tony did a wonderful job giving a fun and interesting presentation on electricity!  :)

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