Monday, October 3, 2011

Beezus and Ramona

This is my favorite book so far. It is very funny. The author is Beverly Cleary.

The Quimby's have 2 girls named Ramona and Beatrice but people call Ramona's big sister Beezus. Ramona is 4 years old. Beezus is 9 years old. Beezus always sees Ramona as a pest. Ramona doesn't care.

Ramona really likes one funny book and always makes Beezus read it to her. Beezus is tired of that book so she took Ramona to the library. Finally both Beezus and Ramona have picked the book that thay like. When Beezus got her library card out of her pocket, suddenly Ramona wants one too but when the librarian told her to sign her name she couldn't do it.

When Beezus went home and read it to Ramona a couple times, Ramona decided the book was hers and she drew on every page of the book. When the family found out, Beezus was so so mad. She took Ramona to the library and explained it to the librarian then paid the money.

The librarian said Beezus and Ramona can have the book. Ramona was so thrilled, but Beezus thought Ramona got an award for doing bad things and that will make her do it again, so Beezus asked the librarian. Unfortunately, Beezus got to keep the book because the book was checked out by Beezus's card, Ramona gets all crazy, so Beezus said if you are a nice girl I'll read the book to you and maybe I'll give it to you.

Read more about Ramona and her funny behavior by checking this book out!

I hope you like it!

-Melinda, 6th grade

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  1. I love the Beezus and Ramona books too! My favorite one is Beezua the Pest. Ask Ms. Stacia about Beverly Cleary books - she has read lots of them!