Friday, October 7, 2011

The Secret School

The Secret School, by Avi

           Hi everyone! Did you enjoy my blog, my last 2 recommendations and the 2 books? If you like it, I think you could enjoy this book, too. :)
      Ida Bidson really wants to become a teacher but she just an eighth grader now. She must have to finish middle school and high school but her dream becomes imbalanced when her teacher, Ms. Fletcher, needs to come back to her hometown, Iowa, because her mom is very ill. 

The story continues with the shocking news. Her one-room school in Colorado, where Ida lives, will be closed. Her only hope if she wants to be a teacher is that she must continue the school. But how?

            I want you to find out the answer yourself. The answer is in the library and hidden in the “The Secret School” book!

Good luck to you! :)

            I really like this book. It has a lot of feelings inside this book. It also has a lot of good sentences and good vocabulary. If you want to be a good writer, read this book.

I think ESL students should read this book because it will help ESL students a lot.

Jenny Tran Ly My Uyen,
6th grader

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