Thursday, November 8, 2012

Hospital Visit - Sang

Making a Difference and Moments that We Will Never Forget

Once again the AIS Middle School students demonstrate what amazing kids they are. 

The Middle School held a Grace’s Cookies fundraiser in early October, as well as donating money from Casual Days. We were able to help sponsor Bui Quang Sang from the Long An Province to have lifesaving heart surgery. Sang is 12 years old and was born with a congenital heart disease.

Lina and Wendy, two 6th grade girls participating in the Dressing Room Project (and sponsors of the cookie sale), went with Ms. Elizabeth and Ms. Stacia to see Sang in the hospital after his surgery. The Trieu An Hopsital is in the Binh Tan District. We brought Sang some get-well-soon gifts and it was great to see him looking healthy and feeling well! (A thank you goes out to 7th grade Susie for the thoughtful gift for Sang that she sent along with us too.)

Sang’s favorite sport is football… 
hopefully he will enjoy wearing the AIS sports shirt we brought to him:

Sang holding up his two new books:

Group shot! …Ms. Elizabeth, Wendy, Sang, Lina, Ms. Stacia:

Lina and Wendy introducing themselves to Sang and his mother:

Sang and his mother:

Sang going through the Get-Well-Soon gifts we brought to him:
Leena describing to Sang what AIS stands for:

Ms. Stacia making muscles at Sang…
…telling him that now he can grow strong and play his favorite sport – football!

This is probably when we all laughed at Sang when he jokingly said 
he did not miss his mother’s cooking!

Ms. Elizabeth with Sang’s father…
And Ms. Linh from the VinaCapital Foundation 
(who helped us set up this wonderful hospital visit):
We will never forget Sang and our visit. 
How amazing what a difference a few cookies can make.


  1. Well done! I miss you guys and the amazing things you do x

  2. We all miss you too Ms. Sarah!
    Just yesterday Darren saw a picture of you on the circulation desk (Write Path last year I believe) and said, "I miss Ms. Sarah!"