Thursday, November 15, 2012

2012 Spelling Bee

The 2012 Middle School Spelling Bee took place Tuesday and Wednesday, 13/14 November, and went very well. Throughout the week it was wonderful to see so many students dedicating themselves to studying the word lists and testing one another around school.

Each student in grades 6th, 7th, and 8th participated in a Class Spelling Bee in their Language Arts class. The top three students from the Class Bees went on to compete in the Grade-level Bees.

7th grade (bottom floor) and 8th grade (top floor) Grade Level Bees...

7th grade 'Grade Level Bee' participants:

8th Grade Bee:

6th Grade Bee:

6th grade 'Grade Level Bee' participants:

The top three students from each grade then went on to compete in the Final Spelling Bee, held in the Canteen. The entire school was there to cheer on these students!

The final nine competitors did very well and we are proud of their encouraging and respectful behavior towards one another. It can be nerve-wracking trying to spell a difficult word in front of a large audience but each of the finalists did a fantastic job.

The final three competitors really gave each other great competition and it took quite some time to get down to the final two and then decide first and second places! In the end, 7th-grader Leena (Le Que) took the title of 2012 AIS Middle School Spelling Bee Champion! Congratulations Leena! 

8th-grader, Tony (Nguyen Hao), placed second and 7th-grader, An (Hoang An), took third place. Each of these three students received a trophy, a certificate of excellence, and a dictionary.

Congratulations to all of those who qualified for the Grade-level Bees as well! Each of these 27 students received certificates of excellence for a job well done.

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