Friday, September 21, 2012

stocking up on good reads!

I (Ms. Stacia) have a loooong list of books on my to-read list!

I am finally (FINALLY!) reading Gary Paulsen's book, Hatchet... it's not my typical pick... but I'm really enjoying this survival story!

Part of my lunch period this Friday included my going through the to-read list and choosing some books to take home... stocking up a good looking pile of books to choose from! I'm pretty excited of the pile of books sitting next to me right now... you can see which books I've picked in the photos below (...feel free to stop by next week to talk about any / all of these books... and let me know what you think of some if you've read them!)

I've read many books by Gordon Korman (Swindle, Schooled, No More Dead Dogs, to name a few, in case you want to read some of his other books...)
...And last year a student recommended the following book to me...

Jerry Spinelli is one of my favorite authors!

Another Jerry Spinelli book...

7th grader, Leena, JUST recommended this book to me! 
(So I checked it out to myself and added it to my stack of books.)
...It is the first in a set of 3 books   :)

Now... let's hope it stops raining 
so I can safely get these books home on my motorbike!   :P

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