Sunday, September 23, 2012

Grace's Cookies - 1st sale of the year!

AIS Middle School’s
First Grace’s Cookies Sale
of the 2012-2013 School Year

The first cookie sale of the year was a huge success, raising over 7 million VND for Grace’s Cookies! The delicious chocolate chip and heart-shaped sugar cookies sold fast during the two lunch periods on Friday.

These cookies are not only the perfect mid-day sweet treat but also go towards an amazing cause. AIS has been involved with Grace’s Cookies for 3 years now and both the students and teachers appreciate being able to be a part of helping to raise money for lifesaving heart surgeries right here in Vietnam.

All week, we have been excitedly anticipating the cookie sale. Ms. Elizabeth, Ms. Donna, Ms. Stacia, and the girls involved in the Dressing Room Project set up and ran the cookie sale, amidst a crowd of cookie-hungry students (and teachers!).

We look forward to another cookie sale coming up soon. It feels great to be involved with this fundraiser, which ultimately helps to save children’s lives in Vietnam by supplying the money for lifesaving heart surgery.

Check out more about Grace’s Cookies on the website:

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