Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Reading Buddies -- April Visit

I have really enjoyed being a part of Reading Buddies with Ms. Sarah and her 6th grade ESL class this year! We have kept up regularly with our monthly visits... and I believe that our visit to Saigon Pearl at the end of April was the best one yet!

This experience has been wonderful... to see the growth of our 6th graders in their English language skills, their reading skills, and their ability to keep a 3-year-old entertained with books! Not only that... but the 3-year-olds have blossomed throughout the school year as well... they are not as shy, they enjoy the books with our students, AND they are much taller now!

I talked with one of the preschool teachers from Saigon Pearl and she said that she definitely wants to keep Reading Buddies going next year -- what a compliment to us and our students!

Well done to Ms. Sarah's class :) ...and hopefully we can fit one more visit in this month before the school year ends.

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