Sunday, March 4, 2012


Did you know that this Wednesday, March 7th, is 

If you're lucky, Miss Stacia may just stop by your English class to read a book or two aloud to your class!

Miss Stacia has already been visiting Mr. Vince's 8th grade English classes to read the following book with them (and connecting this incredible, true story to our field trip last week to Nam Cat Tien National Park)...

HEY! -- Here's a great idea...
If you have a little brother or sister 
(or not... and you can read to your parents, your dog, a stuffed animal, ...anybody!)...
Check out a new book... a picture book or two... 
and read aloud to someone this Wednesday for 
World Read Aloud Day!

Reading aloud to others, and being read aloud to, is so important -- no matter how young or old you are.

Research shows that reading aloud to infants helps them in the future.
Reading aloud can help family and friends to bond and share wonderful stories and memories.
Reading aloud helps you improve your reading skills (whether you are the reader or the person being read to).

...Our next Reading Buddies time with Miss Sarah's 6th grade ESL class is perfect timing for World Read Aloud Day... as we are going to Saigon Pearl to see our young buddies this Friday!

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