Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Favorite Tuesday Moment

My favorite moment from yesterday (other than walking back into the library and have Larry sing out a mini-theme song, welcoming me back to the library!) was in Miss Sarah's block G class...

I was just leaving the classroom since their Reader's Workshop time was ending and saw Ben completely engrossed in a book... I love seeing that!

When I asked what book he was reading he didn't hear me... too into it...

I whispered to him, "Ben, what book are you reading??"

Ben replied by holding up the book so I could see the cover but he was able to keep reading (too good to put down!)... I LOVE that!  :)
What book was Ben reading??? ...One of my FAVS! 
(I know I say that a lot... but it's always true.)
Mary Downing Hahn's book, All the Lovely Bad Ones.

So, so good!

Mary Down Hanh is a fabulous scary story writer. I was lucky enough to meet  her last year and have lunch with her! It was pretty special.

(The picture above was taken in Denver, Colorado last February. Mary was in town for a reading conference - she is in the middle. My mom was there too - she was in town from New York for the same conference!)

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