Thursday, November 3, 2011

Donny recommends Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes was one of the best detectives in the old time, with his partner Dr. Watson or his partner's full name is Dr. John Henry Watson. According to Yahoo answer, they together solve many great mysteries and cases. They pass the danger, and trick things to pass the case. 

Sherlock Holmes was born at Britain, and I don't know the year, according to Wikipedia, he and his partner loved to smoke. When I was young, I loved to read Sherlock Holmes but now, I love The 39 Clues more. 

The best well known author that wrote a lot of Sherlock Holmes story is Arthur Conan Doyle. 

-Donny, 6th grade

You can look at more of Donny's favorite books on his own book blog!

If you want to borrow, the school library has a variety of
Sherlock Holmes books.

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