Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Lunch time in the Library

The library is pretty busy during both lunch periods - I love it!

Yesterday, a group of 6th graders worked to put the 3-D puzzle ball back together... Thomas came back this morning before school to finish it up. Nice work to all who helped!

Batman Uno has been popular as well...

And of course... straight-up reading went on as well...
Bill is one of the most committed non-fiction readers I know!


  1. Hi Miss Stacia I just notice the Goodreads at the sidebar of your blog. It's interesting! How can I create one of my own?

  2. Hi Honey! I can show you at school how to set it up if you want : )

    Basically... In Layout on your blog, you add a Gadget... Then choose HTML / JavaScript and paste the code in from Goodreads... You get that code within your Goodreads profile.