Monday, April 23, 2012

Miss Sarah's Creature Alliteration Poem

Miss Stacian
Please meet Miss Stacian
Miss Stacian sometimes settles on sunny, sandy statues in Southern Spain.
Miss Stacian scarcely sucks satsumas, sherbet or sliced sausages, so she stays slim.
Miss Stacian surely has a soft spot for sport, subjunctive Spanish, starry skies and scandalous Scandinavians. Strict Miss Stacian strives to support students structuring stanzas.
Miss Stacian sculptures scarlet socks and stitches silk shirts. She sincerely sings single sentences to her subordinates.
Miss Stacian simplifies schooling by supporting story systems in Saigon

Miss Sarah has been doing a poetry unit with her ESL students and the poem above was one that she wrote... there is some kind of outline for how it works... and I just love it.  :)

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